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About us


Sujarit-Thai was founded by a group of people who have the same goal of moral integrity and honesty to occur in Thai society to ensure transparency and fairness in every unit of society from individual, organizational, to international level for a solid and sustainable success.

Sujarit-Thai Mission

Promote knowledge of being honesty and values of honesty to occur in every level of society both in person and in organizational level. Develop tools to create knowledge of honesty. Build up a good network of Sujarit-Thai both nationally andinternationally.

Operation of Sujarit-Thai

1. Develop knowledge by researching and developing curriculum suitable for individuals of all ages, levels, and organizational.
2. Build network by supporting and promoting values and ideas, morality, and honesty to strengthen at the individual level to become stronger at the national level.


"No one is benefiting from corruption," the corrupt may think of themselves as beneficiaries. But the matter of fact, the result of corruption is the depravity of society. The society in which we live will be affected directly. We, as part of society, will get that result with no doubt.

The direct result: corruption caused the suspicious life. Fearing that oneself will be prosecuted, lost freedom, and fame.

The effect on society: corruption is the root of human rights abuses, crime, violence, and including the affect to economy of the country.
“The most effective weapon against corruption are data and knowledge.” The first step of preventing corruption is to learn and know the history of corruption. Sujarit-Thai will be a way to prevent and suppress the corruption at efficient cause. That is cultivating consciousness, education, encouraging people to fear corruption. And provide the right lifestyle that not to commit corruption.

Sujarit-Thai Curriculum

It has been researched and developed by the cooperation of academics, teachers, and organizations who catch sight of importance of corruption in Thailand. To be one of the tools used to resist corruption, the Sujarit-Thai curriculum is backed by Foundation for the Thais and Bkind-Thai Consolidated Fund.

Data of “Sujarit-Thai” Curriculum

Curriculum characteristics
Is an online lesson that takes about 30-60 minutes, divided into 3 parts.
Lesson: to build knowledge and understanding human behavior at risk
of corruption.
The case study: to uses a veritable case to the end to studies and consideration points.
Examination: to use assumptions to test the understanding with the solutions to the students in order to apply when facing real problems. The test will allow the student to analyze whether the action is right or wrong. After each test, then the system will respond immediately. All students will have to have all correct answer to pass. If the case does not pass, the system will return the learner to answer a question again for review and learn the same information which is one of the learning processes that comes from research that will help to instill in a new set of ideas for the learners. After completing the curriculum, students will receive the certificate immediately from the curriculum system.

Curriculum Outline

It uses psychological research and academic articles that related to dishonesty topic and to the curriculum as same as E-learning style with academic standards. The researcher and the curriculum designer is Dr. Wiriya Ruchaipanich, team professors, and the staff researchers from various universities

Expansion of the Sujarit-Thai Curriculum

- The curriculum is accredited by government and private organizations to be important as a mechanism to cultivate the ethics of the various sectors through learning courses of Sujarit-Thai.
- The curriculum is contained as a school learning curriculum in conjunction with various relevant programs such as honesty school of Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), Grow with cheating is not a choice Project, etc.
- Research and data collection related to Thai corrupt behavior to develop the content of the curriculum in accordance with social conditions.
- Leading organizations take curriculum to develop and measure employee literacy, such as the premier group.
- Leading organizations provide specialized corporate training programs, such as PTT Public Company Limited, Royal Thai Police.
- The Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) used Sujarit-Thai curriculum to select Young Ambassador of NACC.
- Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) certify the use of the Honest Thai Curriculum as the curriculum development of the Teachers of OBEC.


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