Who is responsible for corruption and how to prevent it.

Who is responsible for corruption
and how to prevent it.

“… Honesty is one of the core values for every company. In the contrary, corruption is the unwanted incident. What can we do to avoid corruption? Are there any positive way to encourage your employees without mentioning corruption?…”

There are many desirable values that are very important from every company all around the world. Transparency is one of them. But how do we promote this value. How do we help increasing transparency among employees? What if corruption is a huge problem in your workplace? What can we do about it? 

In Thailand, notorious news about corruptions are flooding the News Feed. Whatever platform you are online, where ever you look, corruption cases has become normal incident. Social media has become the new newspaper in our lives. Clickbait, fake news and information overload are very common. On the bright side, we can use social media and online learning platform to educate people. 

Is it possible to educate people online and how does it help? www.thaihonesty.org is the online learning platform that will help you decrease corruption, promoting honesty and integrity in your company. 

Founded by Dr.Wiriyah Ruechaipanit, an education transformer and influencer in Thailand. Aforementioned website is a research-based curriculum with full academic citations. Supporting by many organizations and partners who concerning the corruption issues in Thailand since 2015. Involving more than 1 millions people who visited and completed the course. 

This website is the answer if you are looking for the tools, tests, and training about honesty. The course content originated come from the country that are tackling corruptions every single day. 

If you are interested, here’s how it works. Normally, when we learn about new things your brain will automatically connect what you already know to what you are learning. If there are no connection to your life, then the course content will likely be forgotten very soon. 

Our website, www.thaihonesty.org contains 30 minutes lessons about what exactly is honesty, transparency and integrity. What are defined as cheating, injustice, and corruptions. There are five courses targeting different audiences. 

The course content is included researches, case studies, quizzes, facts, animated videos and a variety of information to engage online learners. Easy to access, convenient to learn, customized courses for different careers and working fields. 

The first course was designed specifically for Learners who  are students aged 13 or more. This course will highly courage your students or your children to learn about the right thing to do in certain situation. 

The second course is for government workers. It is very important for every country to decrease corruption and fostering honesty and integrity. This course will help preventing future mistakes or any reckless decisions. Honesty is a solid foundation of good societies. 

The third course is for politicians. This course is very appealing to anyone who wants to be politician, who are already in position, or who are interested in becoming one. 

The fourth course is for business owners, employers, managers or any key person of the enterprises. This course will help you navigate through the case studies related to your circumstances. 

The last course is for everyone. The content is related to our everyday’s life. The course content include common mistakes and misconceptions about honesty. 

After completed the course, learners will be granted online certification to certifies that you have the basic understanding of what honesty is. Certifies that you have the guideline to make the right choices and avoid certain situations that are tough to decide. Visit us at www.thaihonesty.org and enjoy the learning!

Jitpapar Supanta, August 2021